Dark Souls is a Powerful Metaphor for Depression


[Originally published over at ResetEra, on May 22nd, 2018.]

With the game’s impending re-release on modern systems, I wanted to draw attention to the ways Dark Souls reflects and represents elements of depression. Please consider this a Content Warning for depression. If you are suffering from depression yourself, I beg of you: Seek professional help. If this is difficult, then please try to reach out to someone; a friend, a stranger. If you cannot do that either, then that’s OK; but please don’t give up. Try again later.

Remember that depression is often also a biochemical problem. Medication may work, and sometimes it is the only possible solution. I will praise a videogame here, but this is not the cure-all for any kind of mental health problem. My primary aim here is to analyze the game from the viewpoint of a depressed person; it is not to provide comprehensive advice to depressive people.

Spoilers and optional sections will be formatted as quotes. Prospective newcomers to the series are warmly invited to read this, as are trusted veterans. Gather around this fire, siblings, and retain your humanity for a brief moment.

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